Field Seminar in Early Modern European History

HIS 714 ☙ University of Miami ☙ Fall 2016
Discussions on Mondays, 10:00am-12:30pm in Ashe 621


August 22

August 29
Lyndal Roper, Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet (2016)

September 5

September 12
Thomas A. Brady, Jr., German Histories in the Age of Reformations, 1400-1650 (2009)

September 19
William Bulman and Robert Ingram (eds.), God in the Enlightenment (2016)

September 26
Anthony Grafton, New Worlds, Ancient Texts: The Power of Tradition and the Shock of Discovery (rev. ed., 1995)

October 3
Joyce Chaplin, Subject Matter: Technology, the Body, and Science on the Anglo-American Frontier, 1500-1676 (2003)

October 10
Charles Webster, Paracelsus: Medicine, Magic, and Mission at the End of Time (2008)

October 17
Deborah Harkness, The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution (2007)

October 24 
Andrew Pettegree, The Invention of News: How the World Came to Know About Itself (2014)

October 31
James Tracy (ed.), The Rise of Merchant Empires: Long-Distance Trade in the Early Modern World, 1350-1750 (1993)

November 7 
Laurence Fontaine, The Moral Economy: Poverty, Credit, and Trust in Early Modern Europe (2014)

November 14 
William Beik, Absolutism and Society in Seventeenth-Century France (1985)

November 21

November 28
 Jonathan Scott, England’s Troubles: Seventeenth-Century English Political Instability in European Context (2000)

December 5
David Underdown, Fire From Heaven: Life in an English Town in the Seventeenth Century (1992)